05 avril 2006

Les greves vues de Londres

Edito au vitriol dans le Times (tendance libérale et anti-Européenne a la Murdoch) sur les manifs anti-CPE:
Vive la révolution - Comment - Times Online

"To recap, the French strikes are intended to stop the Government introducing a first tiny element of flexibility into France’s sclerotic employment system. At present it is almost impossible to fire anyone under French law without a long process of complaints, warnings, claims, counter-claims, and hearings at the prud’hommes, a kind of employment tribunal which can go on for months or until one party or the other, ready to die of boredom, gives in. This means that no employer in his right mind wants to take on a new employee with no experience, in case he turns out to be a dud and then the employer is lumbered with him for keeps. And that in turn means that the young, fresh out of university or school, live with 25 per cent unemployment – and worse in many of the banlieues where young people spent last autumn rioting. The bright idea of Dominique de Villepin’s Government is to make it easier to fire people under 26 – thereby encouraging employers to take more of them on in the first place. But French voters, especially the young ones who might actually benefit from the change, are dead against any change to the cosy, statist jobs-for-life system they’re used to."

Un bon résumé non?

Pour ceux qui ne lisent pas (encore) l'anglais, utilisez donc le service de traduction de la Yahoo! toolbar, j'ai du boulot et je suis pas au 35 heures moi!


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